If you are looking for quality firewood you have come to the right place. Breece Tree is not in the firewood business but some of my employees are, in their spare time. I am happy to give them some free advertising and a place to conduct their side business.  

For firewood sales please call me at 455-1128 and I will forward your information to the guys each evening when they get off.

All firewood is sold by the rick. A rick of firewood is  8 feet long, 4 feet high and cut 16-18 inches long.  The firewood is 90% red and white oak with some other hardwoods making up the remaining 10%.

Firewood can be purchased on site one rick or more at a time. If you need the firewood delivered the minimum is two ricks up to 15 miles. 16 miles and more is three ricks. Maximum is four ricks per load.  

Firewood cost $50 per rick

A delivery charge of $40 per load plus $1.50 per mile over five miles from 125 Deerfield Rd, Normandy, Tennessee up to 15 miles. All deliveries over 16 miles (maximum of 25 miles from our shop ) will be charged the $40 plus $1.75 per mile over five miles. Remember, this is per load not per rick. The more you buy at one time the cheaper the delivery cost per rick.  All mileage will be caculated using google maps. Most deliveries will be made on the weekend. Firewood will be dumped from the delivery vehicle but not stacked.

All firewood pickups or deliveries will be by appointment only

Seasoned firewood ready for pickup or delivery
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