You need some land cleaned up, thinned out, clear fire lanes ? Well you have come to the right place for a light to medium duty brush cutting service. Our Bobcat T770
 ( 92 HP) and Kubota SC7270 disk style brush cutter can make trees up to 5" diameter,and thick over grown weeds, blackberry briers, vines of all kinds disappear. Well to be perfectly honest the don't disappear they just get chopped up into little pieces and rot away on the ground. 

We are located at 125 Deerfield Rd Normandy TN. We will travel 25 miles from this address for jobs one half to one day jobs. We will travel up to 45 miles for larger jobs. Call Larry at 931-434-1102 for an estimate. Please leave a message.
2019 Bobcat T770 loader with Kubota SC7072 cutter
Wooded area to be thinned
​Clearing for a road access through the middle of the forrest
Thinned woods  behind home for a more park like look
Job finished and ready for next project